October 30, 2018

 'Survival Horror Game' are probably some of the worst words I could hear together as a combination. I don't fuck with horror - never have done, never will. The idea of being scared, whether it be creeped out (nope) or jump scares (double nope) fills me with such a sen...

October 18, 2018

Last weekend Reece and I decided that our next joint game purchase was going to be the new Super Mario Party for the Nintendo Switch. I often get a bit worried buying party games like this as there's the potential that they'll just sit and gather dust on the shelf unti...

October 8, 2018

 Now I know I've not long since spoken about the first Bayonetta game, but when you suddenly discover your new favourite series of all time it's hard not to go on about it every waking second. 

After I'd finished the first game, and discovered there was a second, I went...

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