The Witch Is Back: Bayonetta 2 is even Bayo-better!

Now I know I've not long since spoken about the first Bayonetta game, but when you suddenly discover your new favourite series of all time it's hard not to go on about it every waking second.

After I'd finished the first game, and discovered there was a second, I went into my usual 'protective state' that makes me believe that no sequel could ever be as good as the original and, therefore, not want to indulge. (I've been burned too many times before, you see.) The only response I seemed to get from this however is a constant barrage of actually how much better everybody thought the second game was to the first; honestly, it was literally nothing but positivity for Bayonetta 2. Of course it wasn't going to take much convincing for me to jump into another one of her games, so I did, sceptical at first but ready to see what this supposed superior title had in store for me.

As per the first, this game took me about 5 or so hours to complete, simply because I became addicted and blasted through it as quickly as possible. The reviews were right, it was better... MUCH better. I was pleasantly surprised for about 0.5 of a second before I descended into the madness that was Bayonetta 2. I couldn't get enough. Lucky that I have this game on the Nintendo Switch so I didn't have to put it down for a second.

Imagine a spectrum, let's say it goes from 1 to 10. Now imagine that 1 is the dark, evil and terrifying images of hell and 10 is the sickly, golden images of heaven, and in between in the chaotic storyline that occurs. Bayonetta 1 fits perfectly into this spectrum, from 1 to 10, and incorporates everything in between to find a perfect balance of good, evil, light and dark that works well into its story and purpose. A solid game. Bayonetta 2 however elbow-drops this spectrum, kicks it in the balls and leaves it twisting and writhing. This game stretches it to a -15 to 25 and takes everything to the upmost EXTREME. It's great to see that the developers saw what worked so well in the first game and used it, but used it to the point of basically fucking with it in the best way possible. Let me explain - in this game you actually get to visit Inferno and fight several demonic characters that have also decided to turn against Bayonetta. The design of these creatures are truly horrific, and I can honestly say it brings me great joy in blowing their heads off. Demented centaur like animals, cyclops bats and these swollen, spherical beings just to name a few. And that's not to say that the angelic characters are any less terrifying, if anything they've been amped up more from the first game in order to compete! I'd dread whenever I had to fight them, simply because I'd dread having to even look at them. It's an all-round disgusting blood-fest and I am SO here for it.

As I've said before, I love these games so much because they are amazingly designed, fun to play and generally just great games, but they're also utterly ridiculous. I relish it when something like this doesn't take itself so seriously and, again, when talking about ramping something up to the extreme, this game does that a lot. At one point Bayonetta accidentally gets sent back in time to the witch hunts of 500 years ago and we come across her mother, Rosa, whom she fights alongside for a short while. Sounds pretty cool, right? Oh, but did I mention that most of this fighting is done in WITCH MECHS?! ACTUAL ROBOTIC MECHS BUILT BY AND FOR WITCHES THAT YOU USE TO TAKE DOWN OVERSIZED ENEMIES! As if the ability to alter time, walk on walls and basically kill anyone in your way wasn't enough. If I'm totally honest this was the part of the game that I enjoyed the least, simply because it threw me a bit for a loop. Here I was suddenly in this clunky robot suit when I'd gotten so used to such a sleek and stylised way of fighting. Not to say I didn't enjoy it, and more than anything it just made me laugh.

There are lots of little additional features that really made me fall in love with this game as well. There's a bunch of little side missions that you can complete throughout the game, such as trying to defeat enemies without using 'witch time,' or getting hit etc. There's also the option to equip different weapons - if you decide you're bored on the guns, then why not switch out for some katanas or a bow and arrow. Little things like this is what keeps it interesting. I can understand that for some people the 'unlimited combo' system may become boring and repetitive, so its nice seeing them try to combat that with a variety of ways to keep things fresh. I also just generally enjoyed how much more of everything this game had - more boss fights, tougher enemies along the way, more complex plot lines, more 'climax creatures' that form out of Bayonetta's hair. It seems obvious and something that should be expected of a sequel but so often it's ignored and can really make for a disappointing experience. I'm so happy that this one delivered.

I'm still so grateful that Bayonetta as a series was introduced to me because I have never connected with games on this kind of level as I have with these two. I recently learned that there is a third one coming out soon too (oh my GOD AH) and if track record were anything to go by then it's going to be the best one yet!

There's not really much else to say, other than I really bloody love these games more than any others I've ever played. Look out for my blog post on the third one (whenever that's set to come out) because no doubt, whatever it takes, I'll be one of the first in the queue to buy it...